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So that our products are used?

Our products are intended for industries such as automotive, construction, household items, furniture, packaging, fibers, etc. The final product is closely related to the type of polymer used.

What products we obtain?

Most of the products obtained are tailored to the needs of our customers, whether they are reinforced with different additives such as glass fiber, chalk, carbide or others, or require any technical specification.

What raw materials we used?

We use all kinds of plastics from industrial waste giving to them the maximum value and means that our suppliers can make a good selection of them, optimizing time for our controls of quality and adding from the start continuous quality improvement the final product.

What is our production time?

Our daily production is about 50TM in 5 multipurpose production lines, allowing us to respond quickly to urgent requests. Thus, we can manufacture 24TM in any of our lines in 48 hours. We can also have up to two lines to very urgent orders, so that we would have to availability 24 hours 24TM.

What is our delivery time?

If the delivery location is within 100 km of the city of Barcelona, the delivery can be made in 1 hour at any time of day because we have our own fleet of trucks. If you are located less than 400 km, the delivery can be made within a maximum period of 6 hours. After 400km, the deadline is 24 hours.

What are the minimum order quantities?

For our ‘standard’ products there is no minimum order quantity. For customized products, it depends on the complexity of it and the minimum amount is between 5 and 10Tm.

How it is carried out quality control?

Upon receipt of the goods, we carry out a sampling for the corresponding analysis. We have our own laboratory where we perform quality analysis under ISO. Likewise, once it produced the product, we proceed to perform a sampling to confirm through quality analysis that we made in our laboratory, that the product meets the technical and quality specifications that our customers expect.

How should we prepare our waste that LOGINPLAST Recycling can value them and pick them up?

Our commercials will go to their facilities to treat each case with you. Previous sample collection, we proceed to deliver it to our technical department, after the relevant study allows us to offer the form of packaging and system best suited for you collection. However, we are open to any proposal in order to provide the best service, both logistical and packaging.

What type of packaging we serve our customers?

Our standard packing is big-bag 1200kg, though, we adapt to their needs because we have big-bag of different sizes. We also serve in tanks or in pallets of bags 25kg.